IFBB Pro Derek Aparis \”Team Aparis\”

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IFBB Pro Derek Aparis \”Team Aparis\”
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IFBB Pro Derek Aparis. “Team Aparis”
Hey everyone I’m Derek Aparis an IFBB Pro in Men’s Physique. I’m a master trainer, contest prep coach, online coach and head coach of Team Aparis Fitness. I’ve been competing on stage since 2014. I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 25 years. I coach athletes all over the world. On August 4th 2018 I’ll have one of my athletes flying in from South Korea to compete in the Washington State Championships. Looking forward to helping more people in this fitness industry who i can help! If you’re looking to get in shape for life or stage and are looking for a team/coach contact me. I’d loved to help! Thank you.– .

NW Fitness Magazine Best in the NW - Derek Aparis 'Team Aparis"

NW Fitness Magazine Best in the NW – Derek Aparis ‘Team Aparis”

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Derek Aparis – NW Fitness Magazines Best in the NW

NW Fitness Magazine Sponsorship Certificat - Derek Aparis

NW Fitness Magazine Sponsorship Certificat – Derek Aparis


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Derek Aparis "Team Aparis"

Derek Aparis “Team Aparis”

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39 reviews on “IFBB Pro Derek Aparis \”Team Aparis\”


    Derek is very passionate about promoting healthy lifestyles and is supportive to help us try to achieve our goals.

    Katy Stryker Greenbauer

    Derek is such an inspirational coach. He is so knowledgeable and always has the best information and insight to help everyone reach their highest potential. His technique and form is always so perfect and he passes on all of his successful strategies to his clients.


    Ben Kato – Real talk, coach Aparis is hands down the best trainer I’ve ever worked with, and I’ve worked with A LOT! Being an active military man I’ve floated around different gyms all over the world. I’ve even worked out The legend CT Fletcher. Coach Aparis has the same traits as CT! He knows how to motivate you! He cares about you! He pushes you! And he ain’t afraid to drop then F bomb on you or call you a little b**ch if you’re whimping out on your last set! That’s a great trainer! That’s what pushes me! Coach Aparis you’re the best bro! Don’t ever change! WIN THIS SH*T!!


    Don T – I’m 63yrs YOUNG!! Derek inspired and motivated me to get back in the gym after 20yrs off from working out because of old injuries. It’s been almost 1yr since i signed up with Derek. I’ve burned fat, got a lot of my strength back and now my wife is asking where her husband went and who’s this new man that Derek traded him for!! Hahaha. I honestly feel like Derek has added a few more years to this old guys life! I thank him and the rest of the team for always pushing me and cheering me on at the gym. Good luck in everything you do coach Aparis. You’re a great inspiring young man with a bright future! Hope you win this.

    Chance Ralphs

    Coach Derek is a fantastic trainer, awesome friend, and an overall amazing person. He can easily work with and relate to anyone while also instilling confidence in them. It would be extremely difficult to find a coach that is so supportive of the clients that he works with.

    Spencer Mcully

    Coach Derek is the best posing coach in the game! Talk about having SWAG on stage, coach kills it! That’s why he’s an IFBB PRO! He takes his time to have each person learn THEIR best angle for them! Each of us are different, that’s what he teaches us. Learn to pose for our body type. I can’t wait to showcase my posing skills that I learned from coach Derek at the Washington state championships. Let’s get this coach!!! #SWAG you already know! Good luck coach! Win all these!!! You deserve it!!

    Daniel C

    Coach Derek is an amazing trainer, motivator and wrestling coach! He’s coached me for over a year now. I’m a heavy weight high school wrestler. I was always insecure about my weight. Coach Aparis helped me lose 25lbs for the wrestling season. He pushed me on the mat and in the wrestling room. He helped my parents put a diet plan together for me that i stuck with. My parents barely speak English but coach Aparis took his time and helped my parents understand everything. He’s even motivated my dad to eat better and exercise with me. It brought us closer together. Coach Aparis is a great man! Now I’m being scouted for a wrestling scholarship. I feel great about my weight and strength. Can’t wait to see what the future has planned for me. Coach Aparis still takes time out of his busy schedule to train a handful of athletes at my school FOR FREE!! He tells us he wants to do all he can to see us get bigger and stronger for next season! All the teachers and parents really appreciate all that coach Aparis does. He received an award from the principle at Decatur High School for going above and beyond! He deserves more!! Good luck coach!!! The Decatur Gators are backing you up!! Gators for life!!

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    Nathan Ronquillo – Training, coach, contest prep coach


    Big D – Awesome human being


    Everett – Derek is an amazing human being and an amazing trainer. He really takes it the extra mile.


    Andre Hills – Derek helped me and my wife lose a combined of 23lbs in 2 months. We’re in our 60’s and my wife has had 2 hip replacements. So fitness was kinda hard for us. Derek took his time and formulated a workout plan for me and my wife to do together. We loved it! Derek is a great trainer and Team coach. He takes his time with his clients. Gets to know them personally. That’s what we love about him. He’s helped add years to our lives! Good luck Derek! You deserve to win bud!!


    Derek Aparis – Great motivator!


    David Choi – A great coach; but an even better person. I would be hard-pressed to find someone who does not have an instant affinity for a man of his character.


    Katy Greenbauer – Nobody is more enthusiastic or uplifting than Derek. He is always so confident and positive and has the ability to make everyone around him a better person.


    If your willing to put in the work Derek is willing to put in the work. He’s a coach that supports you but doesn’t pressure you to reach your desired goals and when you have the will, he always finds the way. The results are outstanding. Derek coaches all ages and thrives to help anyone serious about fitness. He finds time for his family, training himself and besides helping his athletes he’s always looking for ways to volunteer his time and knowledge to those seeking help.


    There are so many things that I could say about Derek. By for starters he is inspiring to All walks of life. He is also very motivating and wants to see you succeed whether you are a competitor or the average Joe. And last but not least I can also say nothing means more to him in seeing you meet your goal of weight loss or a bodybuilding show.

    Derek has always shown me what foods are great for nutrition and what kinds of foods to stay away from. Showing me food portions and diet regimens regularly, along with workout routines and workout plans. He is great

    Lorenzo Sarabia

    I’d give more than 5stars if it would let me. Derek is a true inspiration in his field!

    Derek has been my mentor in all fitness aspects since I began my career as an athlete. He has taught me life lessons in and outside the gym and is a huge inspiration to me. He’s the man to go too if you need any FITNESS tips, DIET & Nutrition tips.. great LIFE coach and knows what he is doing as a physique bodybuilder not to mention this man is an IFBB PRO. 10/10 in all aspects.l

    Angela Vakauta

    Beyond dedicated and an amazing motivator to those who have the opportunity to meet him.

    Malia aparis

    10/10 best man for training, dieting & being a dad at the same time!

    Ari Bartolome

    Derek helped me lose over 60 lbs. Hes a great trainer with a great process.

    Tevyn Tillman

    Without any doubt this guy right here is the perfect choice as a trainer, motivator, teammate, coach, friend and all around great person. He deserves it all.

    Darrah Manzano

    Awesome and inspiring

    Dylan Aparis

    My older brother Derek has been training me since i was 12.. I was a little chubby kid growing up who got bullied quite a bit. My brother seen this and decided to train me in the garage. He taught me weight training and how to eat healthy. I lost around 20lbs entering into middle school. I wanted to join the wrestling team, but i didn’t know anything about it. My brother backed me up with that decision. He trained me to get stronger and bigger. I wrestled all through middle school. Entering high school i was a fit freshman. I whooped ass on the wrestling mat. I wasn’t bullied anymore. I actually stood up for the kids who were getting bullied. I decided to follow my brother Derek’s footsteps and go into the MMA scene. Derek taught me Jiu Jitsu and kick boxing. Long story short, I’m 26yrs old now, I’m the current 155lb MMA champion of Washington. I hold 6 Championship belts all from Washington. This is what Derek does to people. He makes them Champions at whatever it is they’re shooting for. He dedicates his life and time to helping others succeed. If it wasn’t for my brother i would’ve never known anything about fitness or eating right. Till this day Derek is still my main coach/trainer. I have him in my corner at every fight. He’s like my personal motivator. Derek deserves every award their is to give. I’ve never met another person so passionate about wanting to help others succeed in life. Thanks bro for all you do. Love you buff guy, good luck.


    Melinda alderson – He is in inspiring, motivational, and a phenomenal trainer!


    Jason Aparis – I’ve lost 70lbs because of his coaching. HE IS THE BEST IN THE NW.


    Jacki – Derek strives to make others the best they can be on stage with diet, workout, posing and heart!


    Joey gallardo – Best there is IFBB pro


    Ruth Arreola – Great motivational and inspirational mentor for health and fitness.


    Jerry doran – Hes number 1!!!!


    Roel Borja – Passionate on helping others succeed


    Danny Kang -IFFB Pro/ Coach Derek Aparis is one the most knowledgeable, approachable and caring coaches I have ever known. I have never met a person who is so dedicated not only to his bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle but to others as well. His kindness and caring makes huge contributions to the bodybuilding and fitness community and his love of helping others succeed is unmatched anywhere. I cannot think of another person who deserves this award.


    Erdenetugs Sergelen – Father figure, taught his son and me how to build muscle and get the physique we always have dreamt of, and actually took his son to a competition!!! But not only his son, but helped others compete and make their dreams come true.


    Dre Harnsberry – He takes pride in what he does


    Larry Gandert – Derek has trained both of my children. He is a great coach and mentor!


    Kris Smith – Best all around coach/trainer.

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