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Dustin Buyes
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We are extremely honored and excited to get you started on your goals.
All of our programs/protocols are completely custom to what your goals are. Nothing that we provide is “cookie cutter” and no two protocols are the same.
We offer custom diet and workout plans. Posing, and one on one workouts are at a discounted rate for my clients.
We have a 24/7 open door policy. You can call or text any time of the day. If you are having questions, concerns or just need a pep talk please feel free to call or text me at any time. We both have to be able to openly communicate with each other even no matter if the news is good or bad.
Competitors change coaches frequently and if you feel I’m not the right fit please let us know and we can give you some references for other coaches. At the end of the day your success is what we care about. That being me as I your coach or someone else as your coach.
We require all our clients to get a full panel blood test once joined up. This allows me to know the best course of action with your diet and supplementation plan.
Clients in need of a posing suit for there shows will also receive a discount from My sponsor for males and 2 contacts I have for females.
You will also are able to get a great price with my chiropractor in downtown Seattle.
If I didn’t cover anything feel free to ask me any questions you would like. Thank you for taking interest in having me as your coach. I look forward to talking to you further.
Here is a list of shows Dustin has competed in:
– 2009 Oregon Ironman: 4th Place Bantamweight
-2012 Emerald Cup: 4th Place Lightweight
-2013 Emerald Cup: 1st Place Lightweight
-2013 Empire Classic: 1st Place Middleweight, and Overall
-2014 Northern Classic: 1st Place Middleweight, and Overall
-2014 Idaho Cup: 1st Place Middleweight, and Overall
-2017 USA’s Nationals: 2nd Place Welterweight
Here is a list of shows Nicole had completed in:
-2016 Washington Ironman: 6th Phyique A
-2017 Emerald Cup: 6th Phyique A

Dustin Buyes, NW Fitness Magazine's Best In the NW - Contest Prep Coach

Dustin Buyes, NW Fitness Magazine’s Best In the NW – Contest Prep Coach

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Dustin Buyes – NW Fitness Magazines Best in the NW

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15 reviews on “Dustin Buyes

    Kris Tovar

    Whether you want to step on stage or make a healthier lifestyle change, i would recommend Dustin to anyone not only because of the knowledge he has developed on his own and through great coaches as well but also because he gets to know you and wants to make sure you are healthy in and out of the gym. He doesnt sugar coat anything, hes honest and does his best to make sure you are mentally sound and ready for the next step in your process. Ive been blessed to know him for 3 years now and although he is my coach i would call him my brother from another mother. Each meal plan is catered to the individual rather than just sharing the same as everyone else. Dont question is it anymore, contact him and he will help you reach your goals while making sure you are always healthy.

    Jeremy Lopez

    Not only is Dustin a great coach but he’s a great friend. Very family oriented and caring about you as more than just a client. He’s a good person to just know. Seeing one of my best friends on stage at the emerald cup 2017 l, coached by Dustin, is what made me want him as my coach. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone interested in competing or just reaching your goals. He will get you there.

    Marisa Zimmerman

    Dustin has been my trainer since June of 2017 and has been nothing but a great coach. He truly has everyone’s best interest at heart and is always more than willing to help and make sure you succeed in achieving your goals. He always communicates and when there is an issue he makes sure it gets resolved. He has helped me sooo much transform my body and honestly I would reccomend him to anyone on any level. Thank you so much for all you have done for me Team Buyes!

    Ajay Puri

    Dustin knows in and out as a trainer/couch. He is your one stop for nutrition, training and contest prep. He will take you to stage when you are rookie or a gym rat who want to take the bodybuilding career to next level. 5 Star with no doubt to Dustin! 🙂


    Dustin has become more than a coach, he has become a friend. I am truly grateful to have him in my corner to provide guidance, patience, and inspiration when I need it. Through Dustin’s guidance I have been able to break through the barriers that held me back before and It has brought a new level of confidence that has improved my life. Thank you Dustin!

    Kailyn Granlund

    Dustin has been the most caring and motivational trainer I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I’ve been off and on for years with working out due to not having the right knowledge or discipline and he was able to figure me out quicker then I could’ve imagined. The meal plan he provides me fits great with my every day life and it still allows me to enjoy myself here and there. The workouts are tailored out for me which makes getting workouts in more enjoyable. All in all I highly recommend him, he’s been a blessing to mine and many others life’s! I haven’t seen the changes in my body like I see them now that I’ve been training with him, 10/10 wonderful trainer!

    jolene Flanary

    Have competing for years and having several coaches, Dustin Buyes is not just a coach, he is a friend, someone who is there for you from start to finish,mentally and physically, even when you don’t think you can. The passion, love, and knowledge Dustin has is genuine! These quality are hard to find. He is the full package!
    Thank you coach Buyes for everything

    Mark Sussman-Oakes

    Dustin is an awesome coach! I’ve been with him for only a handful of months now and I’ve made some serious strength gains in areas that I didn’t even realize I needed to make everything else around me better. Not to mention the muscular development that I’ve never had or have been able to continuesly maintain! Coach Buyes is open, honest, and very supportive to whatever the needs of his clients and willing to do what it takes and going the extra mile.
    Definitely a proud client!

    John Morey

    Best coach I’ve ever had. I’ve had many mentors in my day but none of which broke it down and made me really understand the way Dustin did. He’s pushed me to my limits and challenged me more then I knew possible. I’m forever appreciative of Dustin and recommend anyone to open your ears and mind to his knowledge and wisdom. If you want to know what you’re actually capable of, he is your man!


    I had an awesome experience with Dustin. He prepped me for my first show, I competed in figure.
    He’s very experienced and knowledgeable. He was always available when I had questions, needed to vent about prep struggles and was always there to give that extra push on the hard days.
    He made sure I was prepared for my show. I had a long prep and placed 2nd in my very first figure show. I couldn’t have done it with out him!
    Highly recommend!

    Yo dead ass no lie Dustin completely changed my life with his program. I was never able to get in shape and I couldn’t figure that shit out. I messaged Dustin and I did his online program where I checked in via email every Saturday. I got in the best shape of my life and he actually gives a fck about you f’real. I was blowin his phone up non stop bc I bitched a lot at first. He’s the best and I wouldn’t be even a quarter of the person I am today without his guidance. Dustin 4 president! 2020!!!

    Paige-Madison Pliler

    Amazing trainer! Helps you feel confident you’ll succeed in the areas your most concerned in, and always available to answer any questions and concerns. For someone like me who struggles with severe anxiety and a stressful life it helps a lot to have a trainer that brings surety and confidence to the table in something I’m so passionate in. I’ve already seen great changes in my physique in the short time I’ve been under his training advice and am really excited to see him help me fill my potential.

    Kelly McClure

    Dustin is an awesome coach for multiple reasons, he is encouraging, educated and willing to work with anyone who has a passion for the industry. I started working with Dustin 3 months ago and my life inside and out of the gym has changed for the better. I finally will have my goal body this year thanks to the guidance and support from Dustin. You rock coach!

    Samuel Henrnandez

    Great trainer, very
    knowledgeable,very professional

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