Saturn Barter Company – Trade Broker/Business Development – Mark White –

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Saturn Barter Company – Trade Broker/Business Development – Mark White –
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Best In The NW - Mark White - Trade Broker - Saturn Barter Company

Best In The NW – Mark White – Trade Broker – Saturn Barter Company

Saturn Barter is a global company with a heart for local businesses, just like yours.

Founded in 2009, Saturn has grown from a small local business trade exchange to a growing community of thousands of trading members. We offer a broker-centered approach to trading, meaning you get concierge-like support to sell your products or services, and find tailored solutions for business and personal expenses. We are a dynamic platform for the savvy business owner to leverage to reduce cash expenditures, increase presence in a local and global market, and ultimately positively impact your bottom line.

Provide trading experiences that benefit, strengthen and support every participating member.

We strive to amplify your business by connecting you to a growing community of like-minded business owners who are open to trading on an organized level, optimizing your profitability and increasing your market share.

Your business is our priority! Saturn Barter opens doors to untapped revenue, new clientele, brand exposure opportunities and frees up cash resources. All with the power of barter.

We are passionate about promoting your business and helping you make valuable professional connections. Our certified trade brokers market and sell your products or services locally, nationally and internationally to help expand your market share and give you a competitive edge in a global economy. We also offer other marketing opportunities, such as spotlighting you on our network’s member spotlight email, holding events at your location, lunch & learns featuring you as a subject matter expert, sponsorship opportunities, and more!

Who we are?

Saturn Barter Company is a b2b barter exchange that help companies add to their bottom line by selling their goods and services to customers that normally they wouldn’t have and leverage those sales for to purchase goods and services for their business without the use of cash.

Below is our YouTube channel with testimonials from members and a brief video of what we do.


what we do?

Since our system is basically a digital currency for your trade, you aren’t locked into only trading with the companies you sold to. We have a network of over 3000 local companies that can be your customers as well as your vendors. Just like your Bank, you can do work for one person and spend it with another. Saturn can offer the same service but without the use of cash.

Some of the companies that we work with include:

  • Iheart Radio
  • Tacoma Rainiers
  • Courtyard Marriot
  • Select Gourmet Foods
  • Pacific Grill
  • John Howie Steak House
  • Melting Pot
  • Odd Otter
  • Harmon Brewery
  • Obot Electric
  • Beacon Plumbing
  • NW Fitness Magazine
  • Altered Image Supplements
  • Canlis and more…

How we make money?

Just like a credit card does, we charge a 6% transaction fee on all sales and purchases through our system.

Since we act like a commissioned sales staff for your company as well as broker most of your purchases you make as a business, this % is aligned with industry averages.


Since we act as a bookkeeper/ record keeper of sorts for your trading, we send out a 1099B at the end of the year. Yes, you have to pay taxes on your trade with us. Our industry is different than what most companies deal with and part of that is complying with local and federal taxes. This allows us to bring together top-notch companies into our network where if we were tax free they might not otherwise.


Most companies see an average increase in sales of 5 – 10% through Saturn. Along with that you can see an average company savings of 12k per month through spending your trade on marketing, operational expenses and construction.

Mark White

Trade Broker/Business Development

Mark White, Trade Broker / Business Development - Saturn Barter Company

Mark White, Trade Broker / Business Development – Saturn Barter Company



Saturn Barter Company

Saturn Barter Company

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    Thank you Mark for thinking of me and taking the time to get me involved. I am great-full for your dedication and desire to help me succeed in growing my business with the collaboration with you and Saturn Barter Company. I highly recommend you and your service to my closest Friends that own business’s that could benefit from what you have to offer.

    Jeremy Williams
    Publisher – NW Fitness Magazine
    Promoter – Williams Productions – WA State Fitness Expo