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weight loss coffee & green tea!

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weight loss coffee & green tea!
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Whether it\\\’s medical, fitness, or wealth I help individuals achieve their health & wellness goals through a holistic approach utilizing the most cutting edge and revolutionary supplement delivery system out. The everyday rituals of drinking coffee and tea have proven to be the most powerful and effective source to \\\”consistently\\\” deliver \\\”directly into the bloodstream\\\” one their supplement and herb intake each day to assist in this process. By simply switching ones daily cup/cups of coffee or tea to an all natural, gourmet, gluten free, and kosher certified coffee or green tea infused with the highest quality herbs is how we are together able to accomplish this. No more handfuls of pills, missing a day (or 3), and missing out on the majority of benefits because once the enzymes in your body finally break down the capsule for absorption it\\\’s nearly passed through your digestive system thus throwing money down the drain. There\\\’s a new coffee in town and it\\\’s taking Washington by storm!

My weight loss coffee & green tea are infused with all natural herbs; garcinia cambogia, yerba mate, & gymnema sylvestre. They actually work as an adaptogen helping you gain more lean muscle & reduce your overall body fat percentage. The more lean muscle you have the more your body naturally becomes its own fat fighting machine! When sugar & carbs hit your liver the process in which they are broke down is now changed & instead of being converted into fat it\\\’s now used as energy. The fat literally melts off you! Extra oxygen is delivered to heart & muscles aiding in work out recovery time. Cholesteral & triglyceride levels are lowered while good cholesterol is increased! Also in reducing cortisol levels and increasing serotonin levels belly fat specifically is targeted as well as eliminating emotional eating & helping with anxiety, depression, overall mood, & sleep! All this can be accomplished simply by switching the coffee & tea you consume daily! Drink & shrink!


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